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One might equate or compare Destination Jordan’s offerings to an enhanced Concierge where you will find Jordan’s ‘best of’ including superior products and unique services

Abdallah Ghoshi Street
Grand City 1 Complex Building no. 38 - 4th Floor
00962 Amman, Jordan

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Mona Naffa Nazzal, co-founders of Destination Jordan, a platform sharing our favorite Experiences in Jordan.
Creating Destination Jordan is our ‘concierge service’ for our guest. We unite two cultures, the superb customer service and efficiency of the West and the warm and graciousness of the East, making a difference in quality and service with a Jordan Experience. Destination Jordan is destination manager and all experiences are tried and true. A leader and authority in hospitality and marketing, I and my team scouted each and every partner on our site to ensure great customer service and a quality product and/or experience.
A mix of two cultures, Mona Naffa Nazzal , known to many as Enterprising Ms. Jordan, a visionary when it comes to thinking out of the box and taking on new challenges. A native of California born, raised, and educated from immigrant Jordanian and Palestinian parents, Mona considers herself the best example of blending the best of two cultures as she is the role model of both. Mona and her team, advocates for Tourism and Hospitality strive each day put Jordan and its People, Places, Sights and Sounds in the forefront of Today’s News.



Co-Founder of Destination Jordan and A Digital Marketer at Monaco Business Development. A graduated from University of Jordan with a BA degree in Finance and Banking Studies. ​
From the beginning with Monaco Business’ evolving journey and as we were growing the business, we created new out-of-the-box ways to sustain and grow the company. Destination Jordan is our new perfect creation that was born after we felt the need for a Destination Manager that connects a looker and turn him/her into a booker.
I believe in the power of ideas. Knowledge is free for seekers, Thanks to Technology and the internet for that! Nowadays you can promote anything to anyone through Video Marketing and Video Blogging as they are great tools to highlight and deliver a message whether it’s a Service and/or a Product.
Inspired by Promoting positive community in our country, Projects that empowering women,
Interests: YouTube and Video Content Creation, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual and Mental Health Enthusiast.



Sandy Dhuyvetter is an award winning creative and a US based journalist, artist and musician. Her work has been circulated throughout Film, TV, radio, print and online distribution. ​
Sandy was the founder of The Electronic Pen, a multimedia company in Silicon Valley in the mid 80’s. Later after a successful run in multimedia, Sandy worked in radio as an international radio show presenter and commentator for travel. She has traveled the world studying and writing about the significance of travel in regards to healthy lifestyles, trends, economies and peace.
Jordan was the first Middle Eastern country Sandy visited. Since then she has traveled extensively in the area and most often to Jordan where in the past 10 years Sandy and Mona have worked together to create and share the good news of Jordan through multimedia. Sandy is on the Destination-Jordan team in the capacity as a writer, media producer and US distribution manager. She is also part of the teams creative process in bringing new travel themed ideas to Jordan.


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