Lowest Place On Earth ( Baptism Site & Dead Sea )

Lowest Place On Earth ( Baptism Site & Dead Sea )

Spend time at the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth, experiencing the hyper-saline water and the beautiful landscapes that border it. Enjoy lunch on the shores, unwinding in its ambient tranquility. Pay a visit to the archeological remains of the home of John the Baptist.

Begin the day with a trip to "Bethany Beyond the Jordan"—the location of Jesus’ baptism. Here, observe the excavated site and learn of its importance in the annals of religious history.

Proceed to the Dead Sea, serene and sparsely populated at 1,300 feet (400 m) below sea level. Views to the mountains in the east and rolling hills of Jerusalem to the west create a spectacular, engaging scene.

After a delicious lunch in our partner hotel on the banks of the sea, take some time to relax. The water here has strong links with medicinal products, so take some time to rejuvenate with a soothing dip. Float on top of the water, a curious sensation as the high salt concentration supports your body weight. Savor your time out of the city as you recharge and revel in the area's restorative qualities. 

Price per person:
   Price for 1: 199$
   Price for 2: 165$ per person
   Price for 3: 140$ per person
   Price for 4: 130$ per person
   Price for 5: 115$ per person
   Price for 6: 100$ per person


  • Roundtrip transportation from Amman to Bethany Beyond the Jordan and the Dead Sea

  • Admission fees to the Baptism Site

  • Admission to the Dead Sea with the use of the pools and beach with towel service

  • Lunch at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel

  • Depart at 9am and return at 5pm