Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum Desert

UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadi Rum Protected Area  discover the almost-mystical area of the Wadi Rum—the Valley of the Moon. Your  Bedouin jeep 4x4 cruises over the scorched landscape as you explore the region's rich geological and archaeological landmarks

Marvel at the ancient rock engravings—petroglyphs—testaments to man’s interaction with nature in the area for thousands of years and a prime example of how humans can adapt to harsh conditions. Observe and meet local Bedouin people who still inhabit the area today. Perhaps enjoy a drink in their company and ask them to share accounts of their nomadic culture.  

Price per person:
   Price for 1: 290$
   Price for 2: 195$ per person
   Price for 3: 175$ per person
   Price for 4: 160$ per person
   Price for 5: 135$ per person
   Price for 6: 120$ per person


  • Tour of Wadi Rum Protected Area

  • Roundtrip transportation to and from your Amman, /an extra charge from your Dead Sea hotel

  • Admission to Wadi Rum

  • 2 Hour Bedouin Jeep Ride

  • Depart at 730am and return at 5pm

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