Jordan’s Castle Tour

Jordan’s Castle Tour

South of Amman is the fortified settlement of Karak, with a hill-top Crusader castle as its centerpiece, commanding panoramic views of the entire region. Learn about its history as a stronghold and discover the diverse architecture of the city that surrounds it, spanning Crusader to Ottoman. Take a trip down the King's Highway to the historic city of Karak, a place of great importance to a number of civilizations. Built by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem, it's considered one of the best preserved and largest Crusader castles in the Middle East. 

After a morning Tour of the Crusade Castle, continue East to discover the legendary fortresses on the desert plains of eastern Jordan. Visit archeological highlights in the area, observing the diverse influences from a number of civilizations. Given this is a private excursion, your itinerary is flexible–speak to your driver to tailor the experience.

Journey East and into the arid landscape, soon arriving at an area rich with historical sites, castles, and other ruins of ancient cultures. Qasr Amra is a top highlight, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site. Admire the frescoes on the ceilings as you explore one of the most important examples of early Islamist art and architecture. Continue to see the architecturally diverse Qasr Kharana, built on Roman foundations but containing examples of Greek, Arabic, and Mesopotamian influence, and end at Qasr al-Azraq, used famously as the headquarters of TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia).

Price per person:
   Price for 1: 245$
   Price for 2: 145$ per person
   Price for 3: 125$ per person
   Price for 4: 99$ per person
   Price for 5: 85$ per person
   Price for 6: 75$ per person


  • Roundtrip Transportation from Amman and/an extra charge from your Dead Sea hotel

  • Admission to Kerak Castle

  • Admission to the Desert Castles

  • Depart at 9am and return at 6pm