Petra By Night ( 2 Day Trip )

Petra By Night ( 2 Day Trip )

Few sights rival this ancient city carved from red sandstone, and Petra's dramatic setting is enhanced by night. Watch as candlelight illuminates the city during your overnight stay, explore the area's archaeological remains, and learn its diverse history and importance to several civilizations. 

Both Experiences sites are worthy of Petra's status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, wonder at the dramatic landscape by night and day on this 2-day tour, offered Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Petra By Night 

Enter Petra by night for the most dramatic effect, with thousands of candles lining the Siq—a narrow path flanked by cliffs that tower more than 250 feet (80 m) above you. The red hue of the rock glows eerily, as you arrive at the ruin of Al Khazneh (the Treasury), a mighty temple hewn into the rock.

Petra By Day 

The next morning brings you the "Rose City" by day. Explore the remains of a once-great kingdom, the striking monastery, Roman-style amphitheater, and numerous tombs, altars, and colonnaded streets. Embrace  the archaeological splendor heightened by a setting of outstanding natural beauty.

Price per person:
   Price for 1: 699$
   Price for 2: 495$ per person
   Price for 3: 475$ per person
   Price for 4: 450$ per person
   Price for 5: 425$ per person
   Price for 6: 400$ per person


  • Overnight tour to Petra, Petra By Night

  • Admission to Petra by night

  • Admission to Petra by day

  • Hotel accommodation in Petra with breakfast

  • Roundtrip transportation to and from most Amman/Extra charge from the Dead Sea hotels

  • Depart at 12 noon on Day 1

  • Return at 5pm on Day 2