February 01, 2021

Jordan is a great and rich country to be visited, from north to south, you have great deal of sites to visit and things to experience. If you are a planner like us, and you would like to visit a great city that is rich in Culture, history and beautiful scenery, then Destination Jordan must be on your list. 

January and February

The great part about visiting Jordan in these months, is the whole country will have good number of discounts in so many places, so you really don’t have to bargain much for your room stay at 5- or 4-star hotels, Restaurants and shopping centers. However, it will be a bit chilly, but it will be enjoyable for shopaholics and good deal lookers/

March and April 

In March and April, the landscape of Jordan is transformed into a beautiful sea of blooming flowers and lush green vegetation. It’s the best time of year to visit if you want to try the spectacular Jordan trail for hiking activities, Aqaba and Dead Sea weather will be warm to do a great hike new Mujib or Wadi Rum 

May and June 

May and June are when things start to heat up. Temperatures reach highs of 70’s to 90’s and tourism to Jordan starts to pick up, If you’re visiting in these months you will notice many events around the country, from musicals, to theatre to cultural and many more. The dead Sea weather will be hot enough to enjoy the great sun, mud and sea. It’s the perfect excuse to spend the afternoon cooling off by the pool.

June and July

July and August somehow an-ok months to travel to Jordan but they shouldn’t be ruled out. While temperatures are at their highest, Summer in Jordan is extremely hot, but it is pleasant to spend some time around the Northern areas of Jordan such as Jerash and Ajloun. Where in Jerash every year you will be able to witness Jerash music Festival that attracts many tourists from the regional areas.

Another thing to keep in mind is Ramadan. It’s an exciting time of year to experience Jordans culture and traditions, but the Muslim holiday will affect opening hours of museums, historical sites, and other attractions.

July – October 

Many good byes to summer and hello fall season activities start to appear in these months, you will find great deal of offers, events and cultural activities, food fairs and much more

November – December 


Late fall and early winter in Jordan are chilly and mild. It’s perfect conditions for exploring the bustling markets in Amman and surrounding areas.

Author: Eva AlSunna’