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Changes in demand in the tourist industry happen swiftly, frequently outpacing a destination's capacity to convert and adapt to new market trends. The new travel norm is recognized in Jordan given the mix of business and healthcare restrictions, changes in consumer preferences, global mobility patterns, and destination availability, changes in travel and tourism are unavoidable and we assure our visitors we are prepared and ready for your visit.

As the affiliate of The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), wellness is “the active search of activities, options and lifestyles that lead to a holistic state of health”. Accordingly, wellness is not a passive state, but instead, an “active exercise” associated with intentions, options, and actions as people work towards an optimum state of health and wellness. Our wellness community is related to holistic health, which has many different dimensions (physical, mental, environmental, spiritual, emotional, and social) that should work together in harmony with your experiences and lifestyle in Jordan.

Wellness as a lifestyle is a driver of economic growth, generating jobs, promoting local products and empowering the community. Wellness is linked to healthy habits and can aid in the recovery of conventional wellness approaches as well as the reduction of the mental health crisis. Wellness also contributes to the preservation of natural and cultural resources, as well as environmental conservation and sustainable tourism. In a nutshell, health increases one's quality of life as well as their social capital.  

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