February 01, 2021

Bright skies? Check.

Beautiful colorful nature? Check.

Moderate temperatures? Check.

A couple of sandwiches and a bottle of water? Check.

Cool friends? Check.

You’ve got all you need to visit Jordan now

March where everything gets back to life, If you want to experience beautiful beds of greenery in Jordan, Then March is totally your month to visit. Blossoming flowers, and trees are seen across Jordan, Many activities from Hikes, to drives to road trips are totally recommended during March. 

One of the great locations to visit in Destination Jordan During this month is The Dead Sea, where you can witness many drifting local festival activities you can witness, the best time to visit the Panorama of The Dead Sea and the Museum next to it. Great road trips are advised during this month. 

With great low prices bargains at Hotels, flights, restaurants and many more.

Hiking through wadi al mujib, trips to Jerash and the north are cooler during this month. 

Wining and dining all around Jordan with many great fun activities across the country.

Author: Eva AlSunna’