February 01, 2021

If you are travelling solo or without a guide to Jordan and you are not sure about the transportation network around the country. We will make it easier for you. 

Amman is relatively a small city in comparison to many other cities around the world, Transportation from and to Historical places could be a bit complicated due to lack of Public transportation. However there are lots of cheap ways of getting professionally from and to your preferred location. So basically here are the golden tips and ways on how to reach to your destination. 

1 - Private Bus - Jet Bus is one of the many trusted transportation ways to move between cities, this company offers many schedules and programs to many different historical places around the country, from north to south. You can book online your program around Destination Jordan choosing your desired transportation from a bus to a private van or even a VIP Service. 

Their website can be found below.

2 - Uber and Careem, You know how technology works, It’s just an application you download and voila, you own driver is at a click distant. Careem is a similar application to Uber however it is a localized company that works the same way Uber does. 

Download the apps

3 - Private Car Companies 

You can call up your travel agency that is creating your tour around the country to arrange a car hire service where you will get your own guide and a van.

4 - Rent a Car  if you are a millennial roaming around the city, you are a free spirited who wants to explore the city on your own, Go on a wild road trip and experience the roads. This is your way to be your own driver. By renting a car from specialized companies around the city. 

Author: Eva AlSunna’