February 01, 2021

According to Wikipedia Black Iris or Iris nigricans is a flowering plant in the family Iridaceae. It is the national flower of Jordan.

 The flowers are blackish-purple and 12–15 centimetres in diameter, and the plants are 35 cm tall with recurved leaves. It needs direct sun and sharp drainage. It is endemic to Jordan and is an endangered species. 

The Black Iris Of Jordan is A wild flower blooms at the beginning of every spring that draws a beautiful natural aesthetic painting across the Kingdom.

The beauty of the Black Iris lies in the strength and tolerance to harsh environmental conditions and its steadfastness in the middle of the desert, emerging from rocks, valleys and hills. 

The Spring is the time of the year which is a typical season for land trips in Jordan to discover archaeological sites and search for wild butterflies and plants, especially the magical black Iris Flowers.

The best habitat for the Black Iris is Jordan, where you would be witnessing the beauty of the flower in spring season around the Dead Sea, the northern valleys,  Ajloun Mountains and the Yarmouk Reserve. 

Author: Eva AlSunna’