February 01, 2021

Aqaba is the home of many sports and wild underwater life, the best location for Scuba Divers as the water is crystal clear for long distances allowing you to witness the beauty of the underwater world.

 The scuba diving sport is among Aqaba’s main tourist attractions; tourists from across the world visit Aqaba to dive and explore its natural and artificial Coral reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba cover almost half of Aqaba’s coastline, offering 21 diving locations for the exploration of diverse, colourful and unique ones. 

Diving goes on all the year round, with different species to be seen in the different seasons. In June /July there are whale sharks, in February one can often see Mantas. A northerly wind blows down Wadi Araba all the year, which in the summer is a cooling breeze, but in winter it can be a bit chilly.

For photographers and videographers, Nitrox is available in Jordan at the right diving centers . 

Usually divers come from all places in world, book a room and get ready for the great underwater adventure, 3 and 4 stars hotels are available round the area. 


 A flat piece of "slab" marks the entrance of this unusual site. Care is needed on entry as the slab and flat stones can often be slippery and there are urchins lurking. Once over this area swim across the grass down to 12m where the reef starts.


At the southern end of Big Bay. Named after one of Seastar's original instructors, Dr Kalli de Meyer, now head of the Coral Reef Alliance in the Caribbean. After an easy entry over shingle descend down a grassy spur to 7m and there on the right is a spectacular small reef with a mountain coral on top.


 Named after a ship was pushed up onto the reef but successfully towed off with little damage to the reef. An easy entry on sand and grass down a slope to 10m where a narrow canyon steeply drops to great depths.


Named for all the beautiful soft red coral in the area. The dive can only be made at High Tide, wading out over the reef plateau. The reef drops to 6m straight away and you head out over grass with coral bommies. As you go deeper the coral gets more dense until at 30m you reach a wall.


Be careful that you don't go too deep here! Named after a valley in Wadi Rum this site drops of steeply but offers a nice dive in the medium depth range 10-25m. Large pelagic can be spotted here, the occasional shark.