February 01, 2021

Jordan is a great country to explore that is rich in culture, locations, cuisine and much more.

Live like a Bedouin

No experience in the world can beat the basic lifestyle of a Bedouin, Wadi Rum and Petra camps welcomes visitors into a beautiful breathtaking life in the desert, a sacred space where its only you, the bonfire, the moon and the sky are united. A great retreat to connect with earth and the universe. 

Relax with Yoga and wine

Travel back in time to the largest vineyard in Mafraq Plateau, where a volcano once covered a fertile forest to create a magical basaltic terroir. In this half-day tour, you will experience this unique 100-hectar vineyards at the Basalt Desert of Jordan.

Go and trek on a long arduous journey

The Jordan Trail embodies the perfect essence of the Jordanian lands. It flows alongside the Great Rift Valley, overlooking rugged wadis and cliffs, and breathtaking scenery and archaeological monuments portray the layers of Jordan’s rich history, heritage, and religious relevance.  you'll hike through the famous Wadi Rum and ancient petra. You're sure to see some of the most jaw-dropping natural sights that Jordan Trail has to offer.

Be fully rooted at the lowest point on Earth

What better place to push your happiness up a notch than the serene & the magical Saltiest Sea?  The historic and the first hotel of the Dead Sea -  Dead Sea Spa Resort in the Dead offers great treatments for mind body and soul. Including the Salt Cave and Spa and if you are lucky enough you will relax and recharge at a full moon meditation event at the lowest spot on earth.

Ride waves, Dive the sea and then stretch 

 Kite Surf & Dive Red Sea Jordan Up your fitness, Guests can choose from a weekend-long or a 3 day visit , both of which include accommodations at Golden Tulip Hotel overlooking the Red Sea . thus sport where you use a kite and a board to move across the water. Kite-surfing harnesses the power of the wind through a large parachute type kite to propel a rider across the water on a small surfboard or kite board.

Author: Eva AlSunna'