5 tips to be and stay healthy when visiting Jordan

October 05, 2022

5 tips to be and stay healthy when visiting Jordan

In 2021, there is a good chance you are looking to plan a trip after spending the majority of the past year at home!  While you probably cannot wait to visit family that you have been social distancing from, or maybe explore a new destination that you have been always dreaming about, you may still have some reservations about how to get there safely and avoid getting exposed to the COVID19 by any mean.

If you are travelling to Jordan, you will need to have COVID-19 (PCR) from your country of departure within 72 hours of travel and on arrival in Jordan. You may be exempt from the PCR test on arrival if you are travelling from a designated country and are able to provide proof of having received a full course of vaccine! 

Here are some few tips to keep in mind while travelling during the pandemic to Jordan. 

1- Keep your personal hygiene items including alcohol spray, Facemask with you all the time, Never take your mask off on the airplane although most airlines are taking safety precautions seriously. Spray your tray to be at a peace of mind when riding the plane. 

2- Most hotels in Jordan are taking safety measures and disinfecting the rooms and utilities after use, we do recommend you for your peace of mind to spray all the utilities before using any of them. But rest assured everything is disinfected and cleaned. 

3- Eat healthy and try to find restaurants that serve good quality food, If you are in Amman, dead sea or aqaba, there are a lot of restaurant options that serves you a delicious Mediterranean salads and food. Jordanian cuisine elaborates on Mediterranean simplicity with a wonderful diversity of spices one of which is Za’atar blended from a whole range of locally grown herbs and Summaq and other types of herbs, Every chef in town has their own secret blend, but the main ingredients include thyme, oregano, and roasted sesame seeds, along with salt and pepper.

4- Drink a lot of fluids, when you’re travelling your system needs a lot of water, Bring a Collapsible Water Bottle because sometimes when you're traveling, it's tempting to leave behind your refillable water bottle because it's bulky and heavy! 

5- Visit the Dead Sea! Anybody suffering from asthma, bronchitis, joint pain and Parkinson’s and many other types of dis-ease will find a great relief at the Dead Sea.” 

Happy exploring! 

Author: E.S