A Rejuvenating and Healing Destination

June 30, 2021

An Exceptional Wonder of Nature 

The Dead Sea of Jordan is around 430.5 meters (around 1,000 feet) below sea level, which makes this beautiful salt lake the lowest point on Earth, and it has almost nine times the salt content of the ocean.

The high content of salt and the concentration of minerals that keep fish and other aquatic species from growing in the Dead Sea are the reason it got its name. According to PubMed the Dead Sea Lake contains a limited variety of microorganisms and no higher organisms. The number of recorded species is very low, but the total biomass is reasonably high (about 10(5) bacteria/ml and 10(4) algal cells/ml). The indigenous flora is comprised mainly of obligate halophylic bacteria, such as the pink, pleomorphicHalobacterium sp., aSarcina-like coccus, and the facultative halophilic green alga,Dunaliella. Sulfate reducers can be isolated from bottom sediments. Recently a unique obligate magnesiophile bacteria was isolated from Dead Sea sediment.

While the dead sea is one of the saltiest lakes in the world, it's also one of the most nutrient-dense, Thanks to the exceptional climate that formed this uncommon inland sea, it surely contains a high concentration of minerals, such as, bromide, magnesium and potassium. Many of the minerals in this aquatic anomaly might not be found anywhere else in the world. 

Is the Dead Sea good for anything?

Skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne are noticeably improved after a good soak in the salty water of the dead sea for about an hour a day can improve skin disorders up to around 80%. The magnesium found there is believed to improve the blood circulation and skin hydration while reducing inflammation. Eczema is usually improved after a visit to the dead sea, which opens a great window for research and scientific studies to support the amazing healing properties of the Dead Sea Lake. 

A Rejuvenating and Healing Destination

The greater density of minerals in the Dead Sea allows nutrients to seep into the skin and joints of the human body. (Visitors who go for a dip in these waters feel like they're floating rather than swimming). The minerals of the water and unique quality of the air make the Dead Sea a fantastic revitalizing place for people with many health conditions. Skin disorders such as Psoriasis and Acne are noticeably improved after a good soak. for about an hour a day can improve skin conditions up to 75%  

Author: E.S