Top 3 Wellness Travel Destination in 2021

July 06, 2021

Did you know that wellness retreats are on the rise especially after the pandemic where people are actually paying more attention to their overall well-being whether it was for mental, emotional or spiritual purposes?   The wellness traveler is here and growing more than twice as fast as general tourism.

Many tourists are willing to hunt for wellness escapes that helps in improving their health and consequently the quality of their life. Moreover, wellness centers emphasize on spiritual and mental healing, healthy sleeping techniques, and beauty treatments in the hope of increasing the quality of the physical health and well-being.

What is 'Wellness Travel'?   Let me share......... “Travel that allows the wanderer to sustain, improve or start a healthy lifestyle, and to support or increase one’s sense of wellbeing in addition to recover one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health, in other words; Mind, Body and Spirit” and more specifically after the recent COVID19 Pandemic, were many travelers were restricted from travelling and they were bound to their homes for a quite long time.  These days, the preference of wellness tourists--aka-- nomads are constantly evolving, where they seek fresh unique experiences to fulfil their wellbeing requirements and wishes.

Wellness travel mainly focuses on holistic health. Moreover, wellness travel is mainly about finding places that nurture all aspects of the wellbeing that can include, mental health, spiritual health, emotional health and physical health.

Here are my favorite destinations that are suggested for wellness travel escape:

Castle Zamek Prague – Czech Republic

If you are on the look for some innovative treatments, Prague is the ideal destination. In the Carlo IV Wellness & Spa, guests can also enjoy oxygen (hyperbaric) therapy and inhale oxygen-rich air.  Just a couple of hours drive from the capital where the traveler will find 2 of our stunning properties:

Castle Hotel Zamek Zdikov located in one of the most romantic settings of old Bohemia.  In the center of the historic Old Town of Ceský Krumlov stands the famous Historic City Hotel Konvice, an establishment with a rich tradition.

The Dead Sea - Jordan

The most spectacular site, is the Dead Sea, which at 400 meters below sea level is the lowest point of water on earth, and the world’s largest natural SPA

Water flowing from a number of rivers carrying rich minerals water into Dead Sea where it finally gets trapped into a large salt lake enriching the waters with huge salt deposits that has astonishing health benefits.

A wellness vacation for a month at the Dead Sea coast will have a combining great result of the Dead Sea salt and the sun to work wonders on your physical and mental wellbeing, add to that the high concentration of oxygen. Where most travelers continue to venture to the Dead Sea to rejuvenate.

Budapest - Hungary

 The Spa City, where this Hungarian capital has the highest number of thermal springs within the city limits in the world. A wide selection of Turkish baths in addition yoga retreats and wellness centers all across the country.

Thermal springs in Budapest were one of the main reasons the Romans decided to colonize this area along the Danube and build the springs into thermal baths. They established a regional capital, with large thermal baths, called Aquincum, now an area in Óbuda in the north of Budapest. To all thermal spring lovers, this would provide them with the best experience that uplifts their spirits.














Author: E.S