July 14, 2021

It is one of the most used words for 2020 and 2021! Wear your masks and keep your hands clean!

According to UCLA HEALTH “ The outermost layer of our skin is composed of oils and wax, and it acts as both a shield from the outside and a guard that maintains natural moisture in the skin. This natural barrier is broken down by the suds created by soap while washing hands, which does not discriminate between unwanted oil, germs, debris and natural oils in the skin. Not applying hand cream can lead to dryness, redness, itching, flaking, discomfort and in severe cases, cracks in the skin. Those with preexisting dermatologic conditions like eczema can experience worsening symptoms.”

Our skin is the largest organ, it helps to protect us against invading pathogens which includes bacteria, viruses and dust particles. And sometimes with the recent environmental changes as well as weather conditions, our skin loses so many of its moisture, minerals and the main components that keeps it looking healthy, therefore you start developing flaky skin, eczema, breakouts and many other skin disorders.


Benefits of keeping your skin moisturized:


-When skin is moist, it can better protect you from germs

-Moisturizing your hands does not increase the possibility of picking up germs, especially if the hands are clean.

-Moisturizing hands reduces microbial shedding from your skin and is considered a part of good hand hygiene, which will protect you from picking up bacteria, viruses and reduce the likelihood of transmission of disease.

-Keeps your skin looking healthier and younger!

-Prevents water loss; and Keeps your skin soft.


How to take care of your skin.


1-      We are surely going to tell you wash your hands, try to use natural soaps that are SLS Free and has less concentration of chemical ingredients, there are many alternative choices in the market.

2-      Try to choose washing hands instead of using rubbing alcohol / Hand Sanitizer if water and soap are available at the place you are at.

3-      Carry with you a small Hand Moisturizer to be used whenever you feel like your hands started drying out.

4-      Keep a small bottle of moisturizer at your work place, lately our work has been shifted to online and from the comfort of your own house, make use of that! Pay attention to your hands before they start drying out. And lock in the moisture!

5-      Use a high quality lotions and hand creams, some available options that are super beneficial for you are the ones that are infused with magnesium oil as well as potassium, usually magnesium rich creams and lotions helps to fight aging by stimulating skin cells while the Potassium hydrates your skin. The perfect combination for soft and healthy hands. Many products from the Dead Sea are rich in minerals, maybe next time you shop, you look for great Dead Sea Products that came from the heart of the Dead Sea Jordan!

6-      Make it part of your routine, It usually takes up to 21 Days to completely build a habit. So basically you must carry out a hand lotion with you until it becomes part of your daily routine.




Author: E.S