4 Easy Tips While Traveling for Great Looking Skin

August 02, 2021

Don't forget about taking care of your skin while traveling. 

When you are away from home especially during the pandemic, it is scary how much dirt can accumulate around your mask area; it’s easy for your skin-care routine to go out the window and you are more prone to develop breakouts and infections. Usually when traveling your skin needs attention the most.  Proper skin protection is the best thing you can do for the health of your skin .Taking good care of your skin to slow down the effects of aging. 

Travelling in airplanes in particular can be so dehydrating, I am sure you always noticed how lips start chapping; your skin breakouts after you reach your destination country.  One small study found humidity levels on an airplane dropped to 10 percent, which dehydrated the skin of study participants in particular on their cheeks and lips. Dehydration usually leads to more lines and wrinkles; they would appear more prominently and can leave skin looking dull. 

Here are some few tips on how to properly take care of your skin while travelling during COVID-19: 

1- Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water as to retain your internal cell-moisture.  One of the best way to counter effect the drying humidity levels you will experience in flight is by drinking enough water, you should always set your water intake to two liters a day to increase skin hydration, which will lead to younger, healthier-looking skin and also hair as well. 

2- Wear sunscreen even if you are sitting on an airplane!   We know that sunscreen is valuable from a skin cancer and sun damage perspective, as well as something that helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. When travelling you will need to put your sunscreen on, as you will be spending time out exploring the city you are visiting, Try applying the sunscreen when you are still in the airport as it is a great habit to get into! 

3- Make sure you pack your products with you when youre travelling!  Hotel products are not always the best when you are travelling abroad, unless you found great selection of products that has less chemical components. Dead Sea Products from Jordan are great finds.   Most of them are infused with great amount of minerals in addition to the healing mud of the Dead Sea. However, we usually advise that you take your own products with you so you will not be asking your skin to adjust to all new products.

4- Masks are a huge part of our lives right now, 

If you develop breakouts from wearing a mask, you are not alone. This condition, known as “maskne” (mask acne),. Masks don’t simply cause pimples, though. It may also result in skin issues including redness, bumpiness, and irritation as they accumulate dirt and dust. Make sure you change your mask every few hours.

Author: EVO