Escape to Paradise

June 28, 2022

Of course the Dead Sea is a-must on your Bucket List, because you will never find a saltier place in the whole world than this place, Besides it is the lowest spot on EARTH! 

Yes that sounds scary but really true! The Dead Sea is an ancient sea that goes back to Biblical times. The Dead Sea is really the lowest spot on Earth (1,289 ft) below sea level. Visiting the dead sea is a quite of an experience on its own. 

If you are travelling from Amman. Your road will take about 45 Minutes Ride. On your way of the Jordanian Side, taking road 65 South as a great road trip, Make sure you bring lots of snacks. 

1 - Dead Sea Museum : when you reach to the Dead Sea Jordan,  it is worth it to take an hour of your time at the  Dead Sea and learn about the history, geology, and Archaeology of the area back in time until present. Visiting the Dead Sea Museum can be a nice learning activity uncovering many gems of this place. 

Entrance Fees : 4 Jds For foreigners 

2-  Chill at the Panorama of the Dead Sea, as it is the entrance to the Museum of the Dead Sea, you can enjoy a beer besides the perfect highlands overseeing the whole area.  This place has one of the best views of Dead Sea from above. The seating area,the atmosphere is the selling point in this. Totally not to miss places if youre visiting the Dead Sea 

How to contact them : +962 5 349 1133

3- Book your room in a hotel, we usually recommend a 4-star hotel if you are on a budget. Make sure you only book a breakfast as not to miss eating outside of the Hotel. 

4- Take a dip in the sea and experience the floating feeling. Because the Dead Sea is a different kind of space where there is no gravity in the sea!

5- Take a whole day to visit Samara Mall of the Dead Sea, it has restaurant, souvenir shops, candy stores, supermarkets. 

6- Follow A meditation Group and NAMASTE!  The Dead Sea has a very calming atmosphere besides to the higher levels of Oxygen saturation. 

Author: MJ