Looking to Increase Productivity at Work?

July 15, 2022

Wellness at work is the time of the week where we inspire you and help you grow your own well-being including contributing to others well-being where you work, where you live and wherever you are.

No one denies the fact that recently with the pandemic pressures, the inability to travel easily as before, and fear of losing family members and close friends which are constant and on the rise as the recent restrictions limited us all to take different routes and detours.

We have a great out of the box ideas to brighten up the day for your employees and your team to motivate them during the challenges;

  • 1-      Encourage them to practice what you are preaching, start with an invitation to mindful breathing, before meetings as it was one of the success factors that made you a leader! No one can deny the power of breaths, as it increases the supply of oxygen to parts of your body.
  • 2-      Invest in a house plant or Succulent mini plants as they are some of the best gifts for employees. They encourage productivity, improve mental health. Adding plants to a room or an office can create a more complete and cozy effect to an office or a home.
  • 3-      Stock your office fridge with healthy snacks, eating foods that are high in good and nutritional value can affect your motivational level moreover brain function.
  • 4-      Yes maybe your employees need a good 8 hour of sleep, This isn’t a surprise, a good portion of your employees aren’t properly rested when they show up to work in the morning. Ask your team to have their sleep app on track for a week and maybe give them a good-night sleep award / gifts for getting enough hours of sleep.
  • 5-      Invest in a coffee station machine in the office, and have everyone split the cost of stocking it. Employees spend around 8 to 9 hours at the office, their productivity might drop during the day, investing in a coffee machine with a great selection of coffee pods would help maintain productivity.


Author: Evo