3 Reasons Why Travel Empowers Women

March 15, 2022

It might be challenging for many women across the globe to choose one role in life, a path to follow, it could be something that is hidden deep down in their deepest desires, but women in general with their amazing complex characteristics always choose what they think deep down is meaningful, whether its building a family, achieving their goals, leading a company, travelling the world and many more. 
Being a Middle Eastern Women is a tough sometimes , however a selective percentage of women go against the crowds, against what society imposed roles for the women living there. Despite the constant pressures from friends and family, some women choose to lead a successful life, mixing and matching between the previous paths, achieving a great leadership position, starting a personal business, having a family, living alone and travelling the world. Travelling is a very important matter when it comes to women empowerment. 
Wherever you were reading this, despite the road you choose we salute you on the goal you choose for yourself but we hope one of which was your ability to choose travel as it is our favorite subject. Here are 3 ideas how travelling will empower you as a woman! 
1- Travel grows your confidence 
Travel is surely one of the most empowering experiences a female can have. Especially if you are traveling alone. When you leave your comfort zone, your house, your parents and your kids and decide to travel, you have to trust your female basic instincts, be confident in your decisions and grip opportunities that may push your personal boundaries. Usually, you'll impress yourself and realize that the things you were anxious about weren't so intimidating after all, the trip you were scared to take turned out to be one of the best memories you made. 
2- Get to Know The Real YOU
“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” — Aristotle  
There isn’t anything more empowering than to truly know oneself. It can be a long and tiring task, sometimes it can be lonely and scary but when you discover what you love and hate, what you are comfortable with and what you can’t tolerate. Travel makes you be comfortable in your own skin, in places outside your comfort zones. You can truly open yourself up to lasting friendships and loving relationships and can even dream and catch opportunities. Discovering and knowing yourself fully while embracing every little thing that makes you, YOU! — your quirks, your full femininity, your flaws, your preferences, your daily rituals to make a better stronger FEMALE, A FUTURISTIC FEMALE! 
3- Become Your Decision Maker
No one else will be there in an attempt to shape your opinion or view on something it is completely you on your own. and that’s super cool. What’s most important than the most is that you learn to decide for yourself, and that you become accountable for your own actions. when we travel, we make things happen, but also, we take full responsibility the things that we let happen. There may be too many choices, too many decisions. But, slowly, you will make certain decisions with ease and confidence.
To become the best version of yourself, for yourself and for the rest of the world! This way we guarantee you will become the best leader, the best mother, the best friend and the best sister to each and every person you know. 
Travel to explore YOURSELF, Travel to be an empowered woman!

Author: E.S