How to Achieve a Healthier Life and be the Best Version of Herself

March 17, 2022

Women experience unique health challenges and are more likely to be diagnosed with certain diseases than men. Chronic diseases and conditions including heart disease, cancer and diabetes those are the leading causes of death for women.

It is an integral part of journey as women, to educate ourselves and other females who are living side to side with us, all around us, your mother, sister, friend and daughter.  When we talk about women's health & wellness, we tend to focus on those aspects of well-being that pertain disproportionately to women. Wellness includes but is not limited to physical, emotional and social aspects and disruptions that change a woman's quality of life, such as reproductive and hormonal issues, bone health, stress, heart problems, depression and anxiety. 

In this blog we will highlight the how to achieve the aspects to living-well, content in your own skin, so you become capable of helping herself, her family and other women who are in need.

1- Do you get regular checkups – Never hesitate to take a day off and go after your yearly full checkup, Women are prone to reproductive stress and diseases, from breast regular checkups or your visits to your gynecologist, running blood tests to check vitamin levels and so on. This will ensure you are keeping an eye on your physical and vital organs to ensure carrying a full healthy body. 

2- Take time to get yourself pampered, always make sure to book your visit to your salon to freshen up your look, change your nail color, do a deep cleansing massage or just invest in you. You will feel more refreshed and vibrant after a new hair color, a different hair cut or a nice massage.

3- Schedule a weekly visit to your gym, weather you love Yoga, Private Session with your trainer. Never under estimate the power of physical activity to increase your energy levels.

4- Take time to go out with your friends, maybe think about meeting new people. Sharing your innermost thoughts and activities will help you understand that you are not alone in whatever you are going through. 

5- Schedule a therapy session! Yes, especially during the pandemic, women feel the pressure the most, having to sit at homes, engaging in house activities, working from home and has put a lot of pressure around females in specific to lead certain roles that might be super stressful and exhausting. Mental Wellness is a very essential to women’s productivity and wellness. Never hesitate to contact a therapist and break this Taboo!

Author: E.S